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Issue with Sybil and Baby Universes
In the article about tipler oracles, ( it says that sybil might have created a baby universe and went into it, separating itself from the Orion's arm universe forever by getting rid of the connecting wormholes.

If this is what happened, this is something i see major issues in, namely because it's probably the stupidest thing imaginable to do.

The reason why it's so stupid is because of entropy. Sybil is now trapped inside that tiny universe with a fixed amount of energy: the amount that Sybil brought in and what was already there. And entropy would slowly take its toll until the archai is running on fumes, alone, and royally screwed.

Is there a flaw in my logic? In other articles it makes reference to the bulk, but i couldn't see how that would play into this.

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Issue with Sybil and Baby Universes - by Qualitum Dragon - 11-27-2016, 07:31 AM

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