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This movie does a wonderful job of depicting inter-species translation issues, also (arguably) intertoposophic. If you ever want a glimpse of first contact problems in an intelligent, well-paced fashion, see this movie.

From a conventional movie going sense, it's a slow burning drama. Linguists and scientists try to figure out the alien language and vice versa, while there are moments of military forces going off half cocked. There's an odd time travel / preconception aspect that unites the beginning and end of the film.

Now, at the end of the film a geezerly movie goer behind me announced "This is the worst movie I've ever seen," but I assume he has led a sheltered life free of Battlefield Earth and Lawnmower Man 2. I have seen far more obtuse scifi films (e.g., the US "Solaris" remake). This is pretty straightforward and comprehensible if you pay attention from start to finish.
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