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Black Mirror
(11-11-2016, 05:37 PM)rom65536 Wrote: That first episode, though.....

Whilst the implementation was a bit silly it's scary to think how similar technology could be developed. Companies like uber already have a customer rating system wherein bad customers eventually get banned from the service. Positing advances in automated monitoring software (the kind that can interpret emotion, parse sentences, correlate multiple data streams like "time spent browsing vs money spent") and cheap sensors...

- Stores could monitor all their customers and give them ratings to decide how valuable they are. Employees could get suggestions on their AR lenses as to how to treat individuals, e.g. "High tipping customer, treat with respect" or "buys one coffee an hour and mooches wifi, kick out after twenty minutes"

- Employers could mandate Producitivty Monitors. Statistics like browsing habits, time spent conversing on non work related topics and length of bathroom breaks could all be gathered analysed. One day you may be fired due to your overall employee score dropping due to some esoteric reason (eye ball tracker reports too much time staring out window). With your rating following you around it's harder to get jobs so potential employers lower their offered salary.

- Citizen credit ratings that influence your ability to access public services could work by monitoring your activities in public and online and analysing them for patriotic/trouble making behaviour. Associating with low scorers can affect your score too adding an element of social pressure. With low scores anything from ticket prices on public transport to waiting times in hospital are all worse for you. (N.B. The Chinese government is experimenting with something just like this IRL).

TL;DR the gamification of social interactions when linked to legal/financial systems is a recipe for dystopian conformism.
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