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accessing the future via the past

i'm a student of biology who is grateful to encounter world-building contexts which have, through the imaginative extrapolation of scientific principles, achieved some distance from many historical tendencies to anthropomorphize... i love how this process opens doors creatively,

i've read many articles for OA beginners as well as specific entries in the Encyclopedia, but i am still new to OA and don't want to participate by re-hashing old discussions.

i'm wanting to access past discussions, whether they're fiction or not, about things like the original "terra-forming" of the Earth, abiogenesis, the "RNA world" hypothesis, how "evolutionary processes" apply to both living and non-living forms, complexity, "emergent" properties of complex systems, implications for how the work of imagining/explaining the past fuels the work of imagining/explaining the future (and vice versa), the development of life xenobiota et al.

i'm also interested in what's considered "(un)exceptional" in OA, e.g. so far I have the impression that "Garden Worlds" are exceptional in terms of biodiversity and suchlike while the existence of xenobiota generally is less exceptional; i also have the impression that abiogenesis on Earth, as opposed to some other places/times, is (generally?) not portrayed as subject to "alien" and/or "high toposophont" influence.

i'm trying to learn the OA lexicon as i go, and i hope this post hasn't been confusing; if anyone can direct my exploration of OA along the lines laid out above, i'd be even more grateful than i already am.

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