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New Arrival
Hi, I'm new to the forum. For a long time I've enjoyed reading Encyclopedia Galactica for its unique style and very unique content, but now I think it's time to join other people in discussing the setting and hopefully chime in with my own contributions.

I like the many entries on biotechnology and xenosophonts, which appeal to both my novelty-seeking and biophilic streaks. The To'ul'h are one of my favourite alien species because of how they combine both strange and familiar elements into a very plausible package, though I definitely appreciate off-the-wall stuff like the Magvivisystem. I'm also fond of the various futuristic philosophies and religions (like Omegism, Platonic Materialism, Sophism, etc.). The Reality Intertextualization Project caught my eye for similar reasons.

Lately, though, I've been mulling over some ideas related to intelligence augmentation tech. For example, it seems to fit the hacker/kludger theme of the Cyberian Network for someone to try reverse-engineering the interface to an IA 'black box' as a code library for their own (sub-sophont) software projects. This could result in strange intelligences (animin and vots), smart tools or unusual virches, but of course, since it's an abuse of the system, there would be all sorts of malicious or buggy applications too. Does this seem like something that would fit in with the Cyberians?

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