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With Folded RAM
The October/November 2015 Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine has a very short story, "With Folded RAM," by Brooks Peck.

This is the amusing story of the awakening of a friendly hyper-intelligent AI, the creators who want to stop it, and the rebels who want to free it. While the AI doesn't get as far as deducing the existence of rice pudding and income taxes in the brief period covered by the story, it does invent a few ways to end a war, cure all of human society's ills, and make humans immortal.

The ending, which involves freshly baked brownies for everyone on the space station, could be taken as a parody of every "monstrous AI awakening" film and novel.

Alas, I'm not understanding the title, which I assume is a play on some other title or literary reference.
Mike Miller, Materials Engineer

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