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Perhaps one of the largest dystopian elements (by modern pov) is that the transapients effectively own you completely. Any transapient can pretty much exercise virtually total power of life and death over any mind of a lower S-level than it is. Or remake it almost as they choose.

Being under the protection of a transapient of a higher S-level than the transapient can prevent that. Of course, you are now completely owned by an even more powerful being as a consequence - and there are instances of transapients transcending or otherwise changing their minds and deciding to eliminate all of their lower S charges, sometimes painlessly, sometimes not, for reasons that now suddenly make sense to them.

In many respects I like to think of OA as an attempt to depict a civ that has pretty much solved every problem that plagues our RL lives - and then moved on from there. There is still struggle and problems and working hard to achieve things - but much of it is in a form we're not really used to even thinking about. And at the transapient level, we might not even be able to comprehend it.


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