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Inflatable Space Elevator Patented
(08-20-2015, 02:47 AM)PortalHunter Wrote: You guys remember that thread about star birth rates decreasing? Facebook mangled it. This is the kind of stuff that makes people believe gravity fails during planetary alignments.
[Image: 11846520_433582546831914_543473327875468...dzpmgn.jpg]

Ergh yup. Might be professional grievance but I think it's worse in the biological and medical sciences. Earlier in the week I saw a headline saying "'Experts' u-turn AGAIN, now fat is good!". Every single minor piece of medical advice is turned into a massive sensationalist piece designed to make those researchers look stupid. In half the cases it isn't even a change in medical opinion it's just one random guy saying something that goes against a thousand other opinions.

(08-20-2015, 02:47 AM)PortalHunter Wrote:

Lol, at least if it was cut low enough it would just cost you trillions :p being cut there's something you don't want if you live on the equator.
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