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*As Biggs sees OA* Look at the size of that thing!
Any questions you have by all means ask away Smile we all love discussing OA. A modosophont is any being whose mental capabilities are around the human level:

An important concept in OA is toposophy:

Essentially toposophy is the landscape of mental abilities. OA is transhumanist science fiction. A bit part of that is the notion that things like intelligence, perception and consciousness can be artificially improved. In its basic form it can be quite simple: better memory, faster thinking, better pattern recognition etc. Beyond that though it's possible to go so far that the being in question will be as beyond humans as humans are beyond animals. When that happens in OA we call it a singularity:

Humans and other modosophonts are termed S0, which means singularity level zero. S1 and higher are transapients:

These beings are vastly more capable than humans. We're like insects to them. In seconds they can perceive, create and plan things that millions of humans working for a thousand years might just achieve. And in many cases it's physically impossible for modosophonts to ever figure them out. Like how a cat can't ever figure out how a computer works. Each S-level not only involves mental augmentations, but physical ones. The brain of an S1 is a bit bigger than a humans, an S2 is like a building and an S3 an entire moon.

Each stage is characterised by abilities that we can only loosely understand

But the story doesn't stop with transapients. Beyond them are the S4-6 beings. The Archai, or AI gods as they're often called

These beings literally are the size of gas giants and beyond that multiple solar systems. They're the rulers of most of terragen space and transaps are mentally equivalent to bacteria to the archai. Modosophonts are little different from dust. This means that there can't ever be any meaningful conflict between S levels, no more than ants could wage war on a human army

But that's not as daunting as it sounds Smile because many archai have used their powers to construct vast, prosperous and safe empires

That's probably a lot to read at once so I'll leave it there! Have fun reading, and remember that OA is all about group contributions. So if you ever want to propose an article, story or piece of artwork feel free.
OA Wish list:
  1. DNI
  2. Internal medical system
  3. A dormbot, because domestic chores suck!

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