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Love what you have here ^^
Hello all!

My name is Julia. I first encountered the OAUP last year, and I was absolutely fascinated by the universe you guys have created. It took a while to work up to this, since I can be pretty shy sometimes, but I'd love to get involved.

I'm a writer, professional artist, and huge sci-fi enthusiast. I've been in the process of developing my own novel-length SF story, but right now it's an isolated idea with no connected universe. If possible, I'd be interested in adapting it to OA.

Aside from that, some of my ideal contributions to the site would be short stories, artwork (for the website itself, even - banners and such), and maybe even audio dramas eventually (my husband is an experienced sound designer and composer). I'm also learning how to make games on the Unity engine, so I think it'd be fun to make an OA game at some point.

My one concern is whether or not I could sell the work I do. I *love* the thought of creating things that are part of a larger, collaborative universe, and I would love to benefit the OAUP as a whole. So I wouldn't mind splitting any proceeds from sales. However, if I go beyond making the occasional artwork, I'd need to see some kind of return on my efforts.

I'm sure there's a way though. And in the meantime, I haven't read nearly as much of the encyclopedia as I should. So I'm gonna make that one of my projects!

Happy to be aboard! Smile
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