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Fermi Paradox and Percolation Theory
By the time of the OA current era, the truth or otherwise of the Percolation theory would be apparent, mostly because the Terragen Civilisation itself seems to expand in a completely different way to that suggested by Landis.

The Terragens send out numerous colonisation missions from multiple locations, and those missions report back to the worlds that sent them out, sharing information about the progrsss of the colony and so forth. Any uncolonised worlds are catalogued and closely observed, and it is highly probable that these worlds will be visited, surveyed and colonised in due course.

Basically it is not possible for a world to be 'missed' by a wave of highly organised, information-rich colonisation as represented by the Terragen civ.

However that would not necessarily apply to other civilisations in the scenario. The Muuh, for instance, seem to have been very patchy in their colonisation efforts (though it is difficult to be sure, since they established their colonies so long ago that they have all been moved by stellar proper motion).

It may also be the case that at least some of the a-human colonies established by the Diamond Network and the Panvirts follow the rules of percolation, since these entities are generally solitary and solipsistic, unwilling to share much information even with other beings very like themselves.

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