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Fermi Paradox and Percolation Theory

I noticed that the OA piece on the Fermi Paradox doesn't seem to mention this as a possible resolution -- assuming I haven't missed something of course. To me, this has always seemed the most elegant and plausible explanation for why we don't see galaxy spanning civilizations setting up shop around Tau Ceti or the ruins of alien colonies buried in Permian sediment. If Landis is correct, several waves of colonization may have passed Earth by, leaving it unmolested. It's possible that Earth may have been surrounded by a sprawling network of civilizations more than once throughout its history, but fortunately for us, Earth just happened to reside in one of the many voids that form due to the nature of percolation.


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Fermi Paradox and Percolation Theory - by Sim Koning - 04-21-2013, 02:35 AM

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