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To a certain degree this aspect of OA wormholes is one that decided to engineer by fiat, since we really hate time machines around here. We used to allow wormholes to experience significant time dilation and essentially become time machines in the setting and it ended up causing nothing but headaches.

That said, based on our desire to minimize this effect in OA wormholes, Adam Getchell, the 'inventor' of OA wormholes referred to real world science when designing them.

This paper HERE makes mention of the instability issue and in turn references a real research paper that apparently discusses this issue. Beyond that, although Adam is not very active with the project just now, he does check in occasionally (and was just here recently) and if he sees this thread, he can probably shed more light on the matter. Warning, it will probably involve a lot of math Smile

If Adam doesn't respond to this thread in the fairly near future, I can try to contact him offlist and ask if he has time to drop in for a quick explanation on this.

Hope this helps and once again, Welcome to OASmile


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