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OA Virgins Unite.

Just got my tie and the secret handshake, how about you?

Starting this thread for newbies like me who would like to connect and exchange some preliminary ideas so we can work out just how much we don't know and how best to blend and bounce of each other.

My real name is Adam (35, Male, Brisbane, Australia) but you can all refer to me as Mus as most everyone has done since I was 16.

21 years a Games master (I prefer DM), 30 years a player but my passion is invention, innovation and expansion of the "What if..." with a good solid scientific rational. I have tried many times to start writing and while my ideas bubble like an over filled fryer on the stove of life (to quote Terry Pratchett), maintaining focus to completion appears to be anathema to me.

Help me bring my ideas to life and I will do the same for you, I am the worst for aborting some great concepts in utero because I lack the next step or I'm confronted with a logical inconsistency that I cannot overcome on my own.

End Communique
Big Grin
Version: 3.1
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