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Guess I really should say ...well...something.
My non-competition clause is only six months, and my job was safety testing of gas turbine engines.
That's bad enough, and has already cost me TWO job offers.

Two years for a sandwich?

I thought it was silly that my employer's policy was that I had to "friend" the corporate facebook page, so they could monitor what I posted to facebook. I laughed in the HR rep's face and told them "No." At the time I didn't have a facebook I went straight home and got one. Then I told my supervisor that I wouldn't friend the corporate account, and he said "That's fine. I didn't either."

And saying the "U" word? I believe the phrase "Them's fightin' words!" best describes it.

What's next? paying employees with company scip and shopping at the company store?

I'm just glad to be back among people that won't call me a "Durn Commie" for even considering the possibility of a post-scarcity economy.

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