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So, Interstellar by stellar Nolan. For those who haven't seen it

Quote:The future looks very bleak in this movie, people are apparently dumbing down at an incredible rate, in fact not even highly trained personnel is capable of following simple procedures and orders or remembering high school physics. In addition crops are failing, a superpowered blight changes composition of atmosphere pulling new nitrogen out of nowhere and people have turned from beings we know now into Zen beings incapable of violence.

The explanation that "The love did it!" and assurance "Science is useless without help from aliens." not to mention "Follow you hearth rather than reason" turns the otherwise good movie into what we can only assume was a result of rather generous use of LSD and New age literature.

And then there are glaring scientific errors, like fact that director never heard about Newtonian orbital mechanics, inability to perform basic genetic engineering and last but not least benign black holes with no radiation belts and spaghettification.

My headcanon is that it was all just a virch made by slightly less sephiriotic archai and that the robots were its way of influencing the virch (the drone from the beginning is never explained and neither are those "malfunctioning" robo-harvesters. Not to mention the robots suspiciously ignoring their "settings".

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