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Where does this fit in OA - if at all?
(04-09-2013, 03:42 PM)iancampbell Wrote: OK then. I had a look at the material for brain sizes (physical sizes, that is) and that seems to support this. So a Culture Mind is an S2, somewhere near the bottom of the range. Insofar as it's possible to make the comparison, that is; Minds are to a large extent not in normal space.

Pretty much. A Mind would be a highly augmented S2 of sorts. Although because the technology of the Culture this is harder to quantify. Much (most?) Culture tech wouldn't work in the OA universe.

(04-09-2013, 03:42 PM)iancampbell Wrote: One related thought about the S-series: I presume that they are not meant to be standardised, in that (for example) some S2s are more powerful than others. Given for S2s: 5.1e27 bits/sec, storage 5.1e27 bits (given of course that some of what they are doing is inaccessible to modos). What would the upper and lower bounds of this be - has anyone thought about it?

Presumably not. Given that modos augment themselves far beyond the baseline norm, we might assume that transapients do the equivalent. Exactly what this looks like is hard to quantify or describe however. We are still struggling to describe the shape and limits of even 'baseline' S1 mental capacities, let alone what they can do with augmentation.

That said, the entire field of transapient mental abilities is an open subject of discussion if anyone wants to talk about itSmile



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