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Where does this fit in OA - if at all?
Looking at the Wikipedia article on Culture Minds here:

it's mentioned that a Mind in Consider Phlebas has a memory storage of 1e30bytes (= 8e30 bits IIRC).

The page on Toposophic Level and Brains Size provides data on transapients up to the S3 level:

Looking at the page, it seems that a Mind of this period has a bit more than 1000x the capacity of an S2 (5e27 bits of storage), but is totally dwarfed by an S3 (1.64e55 bits).

It is mentioned in the Wiki that the more modern Minds are vastly more powerful than the one referenced here, but I'm not aware of any specific numbers attached to them. If anyone finds them, they can bump them up against the Brain Size page and see where they fall. We also have number for the S4 level that show that it dwarfs an S3. I just need to write it up and add it I guess.

Hope this helps,


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