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Religious tolerance intolerance?
While modos created the original AIs that eventually became the archailects, they didn't actually create either the early transapients or the archailects themselves and presumably don't understand/can't comprehend how the archai accomplished this in any great detail.

As far as feeling religious awe (or not) - I would suspect/suggest that archai worship has more in common with Buddhism in that the archai might be seen as having achieved some form of enlightenment or nirvana. Or that the archai are the face/voice of God/the Gods on Earth. Or that they are the Second Coming (or the Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Coming). Or that they are the Prophet(s) of either a new religion or an existing one.

Basically, it may not be the worship of beings that are considered to be literally supernatural, but that they are the 'front end' for something that is or that their Transcendence is as a result of gaining an understanding of the Truth/the Great Secrets/Whatever/.

Or they may even say that they archai are not supernatural, and are therefore not made up, but are in fact The One True God(s) (depending on which archai worshipers you ask) because they are literally real and have come into being to bring Order/Light/Wisdom/Truth/Whatever to the universe. After all, in terms of power and wisdom they are pretty much equal to or beyond the gods humans have worshiped or worship now. At least their followers would say so.


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