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Religious tolerance intolerance?
(07-28-2014, 12:36 AM)Drashner1 Wrote: The person in question is apparently really that skeptical, although context can be important and you can't know to what degree they thought about it before posting their response.

Speaking just in terms of the RL, there are various interdenominational and inter-faith organizations, conferences, and whatnot that do attempt to promote civil discussion and inter-religious cooperation, with varying degrees of success. However, these are either generally just taken for granted (when was the last time you heard about people from two different Christian denominations killing each other over that fact?), or get little or no attention against the metaphorical roar of the various conflicts in the world that either have a religious dimension or are routinely spun that way by various news organizations that find it a convenient 'handle' to use when presenting the story.

Speaking in terms of OA, we have various factors or mechanisms that help to promote a more dispassionate or distant viewpoint when addressing issues of politics or religion. Not least of which is our official policy of 'metaphysical neutrality'. Also that we discuss the setting in terms of creating it, not actively 'living' in it vs. WoW which is kind of the opposite as I understand it - players 'live' as their characters in game and so it's perhaps more personal to them. With OA, it's generally pretty clear that it is fiction and fiction designed to explore new ideas.

My 2c worth,


Very true, on all points, I mean we hear about bad news because good news is just what we expect to happen.

You are particularly correct because WoW has different types of servers, the one I'm proposing in is an RP server for role play. So the idea of one's avatars "living" in that world is all the more poignant.

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