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Religious tolerance intolerance?
So, I recently got back into World of Warcraft and with the upcoming expansion, I was considering starting a new guild once it comes out.

Now, to my understanding, running a guild is not easy, nor even starting one. So I thought I'd post an idea of it on the WoW forums before trying it out for real.

My idea was actually based on one of the Sephirotics, namely the Sophic League. I wanted a guild where the emphasis was on inter-religious cooperation and spiritual exploration while fleshing out the various members character arcs.

However, when I posted it, one of my first comments was,

"you can not be seriously inviting people who are on opposing sides to be civil and discuss things they might be very passionate about. It is a very noble effort to encourage peace and understanding between the various races and religious beliefs and cultures. But it won't work"

Really? Because . . . isn't that kind of what we do? I mean, is this person really that skeptical of human nature that in NO EXISTING CONTEXT can people get together and discuss their beliefs without wanting to rip each other's eyes out?

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