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(01-23-2019, 05:10 AM)stevebowers Wrote: Oh yes, and the Population Page, in case I forget.

Nice update.  But why are there so many Tweaks?
There is a fine line between a nearbaseline and a tweak, which we haven't defined clearly; but any sophont which has a significantly modified genome can be considered a tweak. By the 11th millennium tweaks represent the largest cohort of biont sophonts.
Quote: Nice update.  But why are there so many Tweaks?

It's based on Rynn's changes to the Tweak article. They're not extremophiles any more, now any Nearbaseline who gets a genemod adding on tentacles, extra eyes or scales counts as a Tweak. Essentially it's a fashion statement more than anything.

Of course, people modify themselves all the time in this setting, so most of what were Nearbaselines before we now consider to be Tweaks.
Hello Steve, could you merge the revised text for the Yas Om article? It's been up for a week now and I haven't gotten any negative feedback on it. I talked to Rynn on the Discord, who agreed that my changes were reasonable.

Here is the link:
I'll do it next week. unless anyone else beats me to it. I intend to get an update out before February.
Gehenna Incident and Yas Om now amended
4 more;
Abstract Progenitism

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