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Annual General Meeting - Matterplay1 - 11-11-2013

Hello all

For those of you who didn't know, the Orion's Arm Project's formal structure is that we are a 'not for profit' corporation, run by a Board that is elected at each annual general meeting. Though any author or even anybody who participates in discussions in this forum helps sway or determine the direction of the group, the 'official' decisions (especially anything around money, copyright policies, etc.) are made by the Board after conversation with the 'Tier II' members who elect us each year. So, if at this point anybody new (or somebody who's been a general member for some time and would like to take a stronger hand in setting our direction) is interested in becoming a Tier II member then now would be a good time to consider it. For details you can see our bylaws, posted in the Arrivals Lounge. Currently Todd is our treasurer (and so can handle inquiries about membership fees). The rest of this year's Board can be seen via this link: