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The Orbital Children - Cray - 02-11-2022

The "Orbital Children" (currently on Netflix) is a fairly short anime series that has a background of transcensions that are scaring humanity in the near future. AIs are ubiquitous but have deliberate intelligence limiters. A group of children have to survive on a space station endangered by the UN2's (United Nation 2.0's) efforts to stymy the evolution another hyperturing - especially one that keeps muttering about getting rid of 35.27% of humanity on Earth to save the rest of the species.

Overall, the concept is interesting but the plot and quality are mixed. It's got hard science (it's a love letter to 20th-21st Century space travel), young adult plot lines, and a background of mysterious super-intelligent computers.

RE: The Orbital Children - Drashner1 - 02-12-2022

I actually found this on Netflix last night. Was getting on to my bed time and was fading fast but will aim to give it a spin as time permits. Could be as soon as this weekend as I'm off work today. Smile