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Howdy! - Linedoffice - 11-01-2021

Greetings and Salutations! 
I'm just someone who finds collaborative writing projects, world building, and various science fiction concepts to be neat. Originally heard reference to the setting a couple years back on another forum, though I've only recently started looking into it with earnest. And I have to say I'm quite glad I did, cause this is a very interesting place! I hope to learn more about it, and perhaps find some engaging discussions. 
Thank you for having me, and I hope you have a good one.

RE: Howdy! - Worldtree - 11-01-2021

Welcome! feel free to ask any questions or join in on any discussion!

RE: Howdy! - Drashner1 - 11-01-2021

Hi there! Welcome to OA. Smile

Also, if there's a subject you'd like to discuss and there isn't a current/recent thread about it, feel free to start a new one.


RE: Howdy! - Vitto - 11-02-2021


RE: Howdy! - MacGregor - 11-06-2021

Welcome to OA!