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OA tv series - sandcastles - 05-15-2021

It would be nice to have an animated series set in the OA Universe.  Does anybody here know anything about the economics of making a TV series, and anything else about getting one started?  Get an agent and have lots of money, that's all I know.
It seems like it might be easier now that it would have been 10 or 20 years ago.

RE: OA tv series - Worldtree - 05-15-2021

I’d happily make an OA animation for the right amount of money XD

But yeah they’re expensive.
$200,000 to $1,000,000 in the USA

Now, to make a series of short animations on YouTube, with one animator , it would be cheaper but much lower quality.

If we’re wishing for unicorns here, I think a graphic novel would be better first. I looked into which stories would actually be good for that
“In the hall of the flesh sculptors” by David jackson would actually make a decent wordless short comic .... one day.

RE: OA tv series - The Astronomer - 05-15-2021

Why not just go with a YT series