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Question about starboost technology - Baleia espacial - 06-12-2019

Does anyone here know where I can find out more information about starboost technology? (

RE: Question about starboost technology - Worldtree - 06-12-2019

What specifically do you mean by this?
A way of moving stars? Rockets? In OA or outside of it?

RE: Question about starboost technology - Drashner1 - 06-12-2019

I believe that what's being referred to is THIS.

I was exposed to this idea in the article Megascale Engineering and Nanotechnology by Keith Henson. There are no references so I'm assuming that this is Henson's idea.

The article itself is rather fun and if you like it, I'd suggest making a copy as I had to hunt around a bit to find an online source that was still working.

I should also add a link to this article in the Design Notes section...

Re finding out more - You might look around and see if you can find an email or other contact info for Henson. He might have additional thoughts on it.

Hope this helps,


RE: Question about starboost technology - stevebowers - 06-12-2019

I'm friends with Henson on Facebook. We did have a brief conversation a while ago, but he is not very active on that particular medium, so I haven't bothered him since.

Many of those ideas are well-represented in Orion's Arm, and we have a planet named after him, which also incorporates his ideas.

The idea of star boosting is a good one, but it could do with some input from a real astronomer- heating up a star would have some unexpected effects, such as changing the density and the rate of fusion at the core, and it might even change the mechanism for internal heat transfer in some way.
[Image: 640px-Heat_Transfer_in_Stars.png]