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RE: Tidal Power on Callisto - stevebowers - 05-16-2019

Adaptation to low gravity happens quite early in OA, presumably at the same time as (or before) adaptation to zero gravity. This happens by medical means, including genetic engineering, although artificial implants and mechanical devices also played a part. Rotating habitats could be built on the surface of low gravity bodies, and these are in the setting too.

Personally I don't see low gravity as much of a problem until you get down to asteroid-sized bodies, where the very low gravity would force astronauts to adopt a different set of behaviours in order to remain anywhere near the surface. Asteroids that rotate fast enough could have regions of negative g on their surface.

The optimum level of gravity for a human might be somewhere between 1 gee and 0.5 gee, or even less. Only Earth, Venus, Saturn and Uranus fall into this category, although Neptune isn't very far out. All the other bodies in the Solar System are high or low gravity, so this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

RE: Tidal Power on Callisto - Noclevername - 05-16-2019

IRL we're not even sure of what all the long term medical effects of space conditions are yet. Curing them all will be a piece of work.