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Hi!! - flurry - 09-09-2018

Hello OA!

Big fan of scifi here having started with Isaac Asimovs Foundation trilogy aged 13 and haven't grown up since.

I'm also very much into Art, you can see my work here and  here.

So I'm glad I stumbled onto Orions Arm because its nice to contribute towards things like these.

I've had a look at the Art Request Thread and I might pick up some requests in the near future (do forgive me though as I have a bad habit of sticking many thumbs in many pies).

Main Question: I heard there's possibly some development on a video game for OA? or Pen & Paper RPG at least.  Dare I ask it's status?

So many fantastic things to read and see here!  Cheers.

RE: Hi!! - Vaktus - 09-09-2018

Welcome! It's awesome if we could have such a talented artist.

RE: Hi!! - Drashner1 - 09-09-2018

Hi There - Welcome to OA!

Nice artwork! By all means please feel free to lend your weight to our artwork proceedings, whether drawing from the Art Request thread or any element of the setting that captures your imagination.

Re development of some kind of OA game - that idea (and attempts to develop it) has come and gone multiple times over the history of the OA project. We aren't currently focused on anything like that, but if any of our members feel inspired to take something like that on, we certainly won't object.

Enjoy exploring the setting and if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas you want to share, feel free to post em to the forum. And feel free to join in on any ongoing conversations that may take your fancy.

If you prefer a more 'real time' format for discussing OA, there is also an OA Discord group. I don't have the link atm, but I'm sure one of the members or mods from there will be weighing in fairly soon and can provide that info.

Hope this helps and once again - Welcome to OA Smile


RE: Hi!! - Alphadon - 09-09-2018

One link, as ordered.

RE: Hi!! - Rynn - 09-10-2018

Welcome to the group! Smile That's some fantastic artwork. I particularly like [u]this image[/i]. I can totally see something like that fitting into OA, it already looks like a kind of biopolity engenerator. Don't worry about not having a lot of time, we're all volunteers here so there's no pressure.

Feel free to join us on the discord for a more casual hangout

In terms of role playing games several people have put together things over the years to try and do it but they've kind of petered out due to lack of interest or just difficulty figuring out how to tell a compelling story in a setting where human-level minds are so hopelessly outclassed.

RE: Hi!! - stevebowers - 09-16-2018

You have a really nice portfolio there. I really like Reluctant Captain, Party Girl and Mars Tank.