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Upgrade - rom65536 - 08-08-2018

Has anyone watched this film yet? It didn't even show in any theaters around here. It appears that there was some studio/business shenanigans behind that. 
I did see it, though. 
It is a movie I'd suggest to sci-fi fans, but I'm waffling about whether it was actually a good movie.
Keep spoilers to a minimum, but if you've seen it, what did you think?
Personally, I liked the bad guy in the film - they made him exceptionally scary. The end was a little "oh, snap!" but pretty well done.

RE: Upgrade - Drashner1 - 08-08-2018

I haven't seen the movie, but have seen the previews on YouTube. I'm planning to rent it when it comes out on video.


RE: Upgrade - rom65536 - 08-08-2018

Just in case anyone's been living under a rock: