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The Work of Douglas Dixon - Duddy9 - 09-19-2017

When I was a child, my father was an artist and had a lot of illustrated books of artists that were popular during the 70's/early 80's. 

Though one of them struck me as being different. A book called 'After Man' by an author called Douglas Dixon. 

The book displayed a degree of forethought and detail that was missing from other fantasy art books in my father's collection. Even at a young age, it really stood out.

Dixon's book could best be described as 'Speculative Evolutionary Biology'. He took existing animals and imagined how they might evolve over a period of several million years, on an Earth where Man has long been extinct.

I recently came across some of his work on Pinterest, and thought it might appeal to OA fans.

I'm currently looking for copies of his work, but they seem to be out of print.

RE: The Work of Douglas Dixon - stevebowers - 09-19-2017

Ah, yes. Very Olaf Stapledon too.
[Image: 5223078136_72d646a1b9_b.jpg][Image: 5223075636_a2f6e828ac_b.jpg]

RE: The Work of Douglas Dixon - Drashner1 - 09-19-2017

I got my copy of After Man when I was in Junior High or High School. I still have it (it's on my bedroom shelf right nowBig Grin).

It's a beautiful book and I'm glad I bought it.

I never purchased his other books about the future of humanity or 'what if the dinosaurs had never gone extinct?' - although I probably should have.

Speaking of purchasing the books - I just checked Amazon (searching on the title After Man) and a couple different versions of After Man came up (mostly used copies), as well as the book Man After Man. While Man After Man is quite pricey, the other book is fairly reasonable, running from about $20 - $50 US.

Not sure where you're searching from, or how much you're looking to pay - but it is apparently possible to get at least some of these books.

Hope this helps,


RE: The Work of Douglas Dixon - ai_vin - 09-21-2017

Steve, those images are actually from Dixon's book - Man After Man: An Anthropology of the Future (which I have on my bookshelf under one of his other books - The Future is Wild).

The book "After Man" is fully titled - After Man: A Zoology of the Future and is about how non-human animals might evolve.