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Hi! - Alphadon - 01-06-2017

Hi. I've been following OA for a while, and it's become my favorite sci-fi universe, yet somehow, I never found the time to sign up here. Well, now I have, so hello, everyone!

RE: Hi! - stevebowers - 01-06-2017

Welcome to OA!

RE: Hi! - Drashner1 - 01-06-2017

Hi There!

Welcome to OA Smile

RE: Hi! - Rynn - 01-06-2017

Welcome to the forum Smile any particular parts of OA you find most interesting? Feel free to dive right in with questions, comments and ideas.

RE: Hi! - ai_vin - 01-06-2017

Hi and welcome.

RE: Hi! - JamesRogers - 01-06-2017

Welcome! Enjoy your stay Smile

RE: Hi! - Matterplay1 - 01-07-2017


Looking forward to hearing more from you.

RE: Hi! - CaptainSir - 01-07-2017


RE: Hi! - Avengium - 01-07-2017

Hello Alphadon. I'm a big fan of RPG too. Big Grin

RE: Hi! - Thun Ra - 01-17-2017

Hi, very new here. I think i have just fallen in love with the OA universe. Its so well done. I don't think there are any far future universes, of near similar maturity, that come close to its realism and thoroughness.