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Andromeda TV Series - terranova210486 - 12-21-2016

Has anyone here seen the TV show Andromeda? It's got a lot of OA related material: AI, nearbaselines, nanotech, interplanetary polities/cultures and sentient starships. But I mostly watched it for Rommie and TranceWink

What do you guys think of it?

RE: Andromeda TV Series - ai_vin - 12-21-2016

I watched it, but only for a couple of seasons as my interest in it petered out.

RE: Andromeda TV Series - John M. Dollan - 12-21-2016

I enjoyed it, for the most part. It has some great OA-related stuff in it, though the science was, of course, always played loose and fast. Still, I thought it had a fairly good premise behind it. I don't think that its potential was ever really fully realized, though.

RE: Andromeda TV Series - selden - 12-22-2016

I enjoyed its early seasons, but agree that the later ones weren't as good.

RE: Andromeda TV Series - Drashner1 - 12-22-2016

I enjoyed it for the earlier seasons and have many of those on disk.

The later seasons got rather odd and seemed to have a much smaller budget and no clear idea of what to do with themselves. This even shows in the prices of the DVDs last time I checked. The later seasons cost a fraction of the earlier ones.


RE: Andromeda TV Series - John M. Dollan - 12-22-2016

If I remember, there was one or two seasons that they thought were their last, and then they managed to get another extension. That might account for some of their... disconnected stories?

RE: Andromeda TV Series - selden - 12-22-2016

That would make sense, especially if they had to recruit new writers.

RE: Andromeda TV Series - Rynn - 12-22-2016

I think the show had a lot of problems behind-the-scenes that prevented it from reaching its potential. Combined with a low budget and an incoherent vision it made it a flop rather than the Star Trek successor people were hoping it would be.

RE: Andromeda TV Series - ai_vin - 12-23-2016

Any open ended series is going to risk suffering from the same problem: In an effort to keep it going the writers are going to add more and more new plotlines, and far to often they don't bother to resolve the old ones. That's why my favorite series was Babylon 5, writer and producer J. Michael Straczynski knew what the ending was going to be before he pitched the show to the networks. He only intended it to last five seasons and that's what we got. It was even set between the years 2257 and 2262. Five consecutive years.

RE: Andromeda TV Series - terranova210486 - 12-24-2016

Any ideas on how to incorporate elements from the show into OA?

Here's a link to the wiki if you need help: