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New to the forums - bodyles - 06-12-2015

Hi I'm new here.

Big fan of OA, been reading it obsessively on & off for about a year & a half & I'm still discovering new & wonderful stuff.

Thanks for all the hard work everyone has put into it, it's a truly awe-inspiring, mind-boggling, ridiculously cool vision of the future!

I made a couple posts as replies to other threads earlier today but I'm not seeing them appear yet. Is there a particular reason for this and/or something I need to do to have my posts actually appear?

RE: New to the forums - stevebowers - 06-12-2015

Hi! Welcome to OA!
As a new member your first posts need to be approved. Now that this has been done you shouldn't have any more problems.

Thanks, by the way! OA has been around for fifteen years now, more if you count some of the earlier source material like Anders Sandberg's Big Ideas website and Aaron Hamilton's Hamiltonian Institute material. There are still a few pages I haven't read, but I'm getting there..

RE: New to the forums - Drashner1 - 06-12-2015

Hi there! Welcome to OASmile


RE: New to the forums - Rynn - 06-12-2015

Welcome to the forums! Smile feel free to dive into any conversation and start those of your own. Thanks also for the compliments, OA is a collaborative project so as a member you're completely free to try your hand at contributing to its mind-bogglingness!

RE: New to the forums - PortalHunter - 06-12-2015

Awesome! I hope you have a good time here on the forums.

RE: New to the forums - bodyles - 06-12-2015

Thanks to all for the replies & warm welcome!

I will strive to make worthwhile contributions to the discussions & setting.

I'm really excited to be a part of this awesome project & community! Big Grin