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TYC 1220-91-1 - tmazanec1 - 06-07-2015

Check this out! SETI picked up a signal here a few years ago even more interesting than the WOW signal!

RE: TYC 1220-91-1 - chris0033547 - 06-07-2015

Well, this is interesting. I will quote from the following discussion:

JadeStar Wrote:We use Arecibo and other such radars take pictures of near Earth asteroids.

When we do this we are not intending to signal anyone and the transmissions are typically a one time affair as different asteroids have different trajectories so we aren't repeating these transmissions to the same areas of sky.

SETI essentially could have picked up a blip of another planet's asteroid avoidance radar. If that were the case, SETI would likely never see it again.

However it's also possible that such a transmission was some other type of radar which only sweeps that area of sky on an infrequent basis. An example of this would be our radar studies of Venus or Mars.

RE: TYC 1220-91-1 - stevebowers - 06-07-2015

Yes. Alexander Zaitsev pointed out several years ago that asteroid radar would be visible over hundreds of light years, even using our receivers. Of course this might be just another peryton.

RE: TYC 1220-91-1 - tmazanec1 - 06-07-2015

The good thing about this is that it almost looks like a Benford Beacon. A magic frequency (1420 times pi) would be an odd choice for an asteroid radar, but a good one for a beacon (especially if you want to keep 1420 clear of interference, a likely supposition).
This has made me cautiously hopeful about ETI for the first time since I read Tipler's argument that We Are Alone.

RE: TYC 1220-91-1 - stevebowers - 06-08-2015

In terms of the OA project, this might be a transmission by a wandering Meistersinger ship, or a rogue emission by an Enforcer object; there are other possibilities, but relatively few species are recorded as venturing anywhere near Earth in historical time.

RE: TYC 1220-91-1 - tmazanec1 - 06-09-2015

This is good for the OA project, but it might be that doing things like enclosing stars in Dyson spheres may turn out to be either impossible for some reason we don't know (after all, in 1900 a science fiction writer may have written a story about crossing the Milky Way in one lifetime just be accelerating to many times the speed of light) or turn out to be impractical (maybe it costs the equivalent of a centillion dollars (1000 google googles of googles) to go from Kardeshev 1 to Kardeshev 2 this way, and the civilization can't bootstrap itself).
If we are stuck at a few hundred times our current 0.73 level, and everybody else is too, than Benford Beacons make excellent sense. I would like to live in such a Galactic Club...of course, I would rather live in the OAUP galaxy, but the Galactic Club isn't bad.

RE: TYC 1220-91-1 - stevebowers - 06-09-2015

One problem with the Galactic Club might be Galactic Spam. It will be tricky to verify messages sent from such vast distances.

RE: TYC 1220-91-1 - tmazanec1 - 06-09-2015

If it was an obvious sign of intelligence of some level (spammers are at least a little intelligent :-) ), I would be overjoyed at receiving it, and knowing we are not alone.
I have asked the Seti League if it is a good idea to devote a few radio telescopes of the Argus Project to continuously monitoring the WOW! location, TYC 1220-91-1 and any other such sites (Carl Sagan mentioned 11 in PALE BLUE DOT, and that was years ago). This may catch a Benford Beacon with a long repetition period. I look forward to a reply.

EDIT: I just came across this website at the League:

RE: TYC 1220-91-1 - sandcastles - 05-28-2022

I just found this article, and I searched for the Wow Signal on this site, so here's a link.  An astronomer found a sunlike star at/near the location of the signal.  It's an identical twin of the sun, 1800 lightyears away.  Shall it be included in OA?

2MASS 19281982-2640123

RE: TYC 1220-91-1 - The Astronomer - 05-28-2022

Ahh, Alberto Caballero, that's an infamous name in our group. Bad science, poorly researched papers, attention seeking, Wikipedia edit warring, dude seems to have it all.

Yeah no I'm not putting aliens in that system, and I say we really shouldn't. The alien hunting field's unfortunately plagued with terrible scientists and nutcase conspiracy theorists. Tread with extreme caution.