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Anime - Psycho Pass - Dalex - 12-14-2014

Psycho Pass (sounds similar to psychopath in Japanese) is an anime about near future Japanese society living under sort-of-angelnet called Sybil.
Sybil assigns each citizen a number called criminal coefficient. If it is higher than norm the person is recommended therapy, if it gets higher the person is sent into specialized institution even against his or her will.

The will of the system is executed by atrophied police system consisting of inspectors and enforcers. The enforcers are so called Latent criminals, people who while not guilty of any crime are considered a threat.

Since high coefficient can cost you job and life, the entire society is on heavy medication, if that wasn't enough people are no longer able to defend themselves or even recognize that a crime is in progress. The Sybil is considered infallable, to say otherwise earns you attention of authorities.

If that was not bad enough, Japan renewed its policy of isolation so no one can get in or out.

I can't reveal more without some serious spoilers but the show is definitely worth a try.

RE: Anime - Psycho Pass - stevebowers - 12-14-2014

This reminds me of Greg Bear's Eon; all citizens of the Hexamon are assessed psychologically and treated to maintain perfect mental health; the lucky ones that need no treatment are considered to be naturally high functioning individuals, and given particularly demanding tasks.