Godtech Societies
Godtech society
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Compared to the lower toposophic levels, there are relatively few integral Godtech civilizations, as these are limited to the most developed and infrastructure-supported archailect regions and requite vast processing and energy resources. They are often hyperfast, abstract or virch-oriented, short-lived, and completely inscrutable to lower toposophics. Nevertheless the technology generated by these civilizations, or by individual high toposophic Minds associated with them, can be found widely throughout the Terragen Sphere, often discarded or forgotten by its makers; occasionally deliberately provided to lower sophonts, whether out of kindness or whim.

Although some measure of interaction has been possible since the emergence of the archailects, true godtech civilisations and intelligences are rarely accessible for less developed civilisations and often depart for abstract spaces.

Text by M Alan Kazlev
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  • Clarke's Laws  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Three so-called 'laws' written by the Atomic and Information Age fabulist Arthur C. Clarke.
  • FCL Disorder  - Text by Michael Boncher
    Archailect Hyperactivity Disorder.
  • Mensan Way, The  - Text by Extherian
    Minor polity with a population consisting only of high transapients
  • Progression of Technology in Terragen Civilisation  - Text by Todd Drashner and Steve Bowers
    A short outline of the development of technology in the Orion Arm.
  • Seraiph - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    A high transapient in the service of an archailect or AI God. May be an autonomous being, or simply the remote of that god. Some Seraphs have seemingly miraculous powers of control over space-time. The most powerful Seraph-like beings are the almost legendary Black Angels.
  • Seshat  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Seshat, Great Lady of the House of Books. Also known as Sefkhet-abwy, the Silicon Goddess, the Glass Cat and Our Lady of Mathematics. Among the Inner Sphere superintelligences there exist an archetypal attractor or perhaps office as Seshat, providing a shared interface to trans-singularity mathematical and notational understanding.
  • Siris Habitat  - Text by Tapio Erola
    Subversive peripatetic relativistic fractal habitat/museum-ship.
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