Abstract progenitism
Abstract Progenitism
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Abstract progenitism is the philosophical belief that forces of abstraction challenge themselves intellectually — or whatever is conceptually closest to 'intellect' for these inscrutable forces — through the encouraged growth of the discrete and the concrete in the universe. According to this worldview, vast and incomprehensible Platonic forces such as 'Softness', 'Redness', 'Glassness', 'Justice', 'Kindness', and 'Pungency' — and infinitely more, as many as there are named qualities in this universe — seek to create tangible manifestations of themselves. Like a game, these numinous forces can evolve, combine, tear asunder, and oppose their lesser manifestations in an effort to see how comprehensively evident they can make themselves. To an abstract progenitist, this game between abstractions has created all the extant substances in the universe. This playful and perhaps eternal process has led to another less common name for this philosophy: ludic progenitism.

This philosophy was first recorded in the 53rd century AT in the Archosaurian Empire, as a result of extensive debates between the first toposophic Archangel Corvettes SparkleMog# and Lklkgzasz. It took several centuries to translate roughly 25% of these debates into the languages of modosophonts, and it is uncertain if the remainder can be somehow translated into expressions comprehensible to modosophonts. Although it is unknown how the Archosaurian Entity emself perceives this philosophy, modosophonts in the neighboring polities — especially the Red Star 'M'Pire and the Cygexpa volumes — consider abstract progenitism a curious and refreshing component of Archosaurian culture.
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