Su, superior
Any modosophont clade which has a general level of intelligence greater than that of a superbright human, but less than a transapient. Most often applied to biont clades, this term may also be applied to cyborgs, vecs and aioids with a similar level of ability.

The term su- can be used as a prefix, to denote that a particular clade is augmented above other similar types; additionally, 'su' may be used as slang for any clade or individual with superior-level abilities, or (as vulgar slang) simply any individual with above average skill or intelligence in any field.

The most ancient and widespread example of a su-clade is Homo Superior, but superior clades occur among many different biont types, including sufants, octoperiors and supenguins (for instance). Su-cyborgs and su-bioborgs are diverse and widespread clades as well, and many vec clades in the current era merit the label su-vec, even if they do not choose to adopt it.

The AI equivalent of a superior biont is a superturing AI; many superturing AIs are extremely competent entities, but they are far less capable than a transapient AI hyperturing.
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Initially published on 14 November 2018.