Bennu Biohab

Organic Habitat in the Iota Horologii system

Image from Andrew P.
A Genen treeship approaches the central docking facility at the zero-gee hub

Type: Organically Grown McKendree Cylinder
Length: 5000 km
Radius: 500 km

Bennu Biohab is an organic McKendree Cylinder (taxonomic designation: Domivivens sp. (fac.)) in the Frog's Head system, started by the Genen in 5888 AT. Rotation of the cylinder produces centrifugal gravity at the inner surface of the outermost shell, where most of the living space is concentrated. The center is partially hollow, forming a microgravity environment with airlock chambers at either end for transfer of spacecraft and supplies.

The length of the cylinder is divided into compartmentalized units, each with a separate biosphere. New units are grown at either end as required, and the cylinder has grown in length over time. In an emergency, each segment can be jettisoned and is capable of independent existence. It is also common for passing cylinders to exchange segments, often as a token of regard and goodwill.

Bennu Habitat is one of several similar cylinders in the Iota Horologii system, and in these cylinders the Genen Families have produced a wide range of experimental biospheres, many of which have been recreated in other habitats and planets across the Terragen Sphere.

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Text by Andrew P.
Additional Material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 15 October 2015.