Lawless Nell, The

Renegade ex-Lawkeeper ship

The Lawless Nell
Image from Steve Bowers

The Lawless Nell is a non-aligned Halo Drive ship that is known to wander the Periphery in the Current Era. Length 4300 metres in normal mode. Acccording to reports this craft flits from system to system 'adjusting' cultures which she deems to be ethically bankrupt, with varying degrees of success. Some colonies claim to have benefited greatly from her intervention, while others regard themselves considerably worse off.

Lawless Nell is believed to have once been a Lawkeeper vessel from the Negentropy Alliance, although if this is true she must have changed her appearance drastically from her original grey livery. At some point in the past she has upgraded her drive system from the standard Lawmaker Displacement Drive to the more advanced Halo configuration; this fact has led some commentators to conclude that she is acting on behalf of a major archailect.

Her avatar is usually a nearbaseline human female dressed in a disheveled superhero costume, with the mask pushed back to reveal her face.

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Initially published on 26 January 2015.