Om, The

Central data repository of the Sophic League

OM blue
Image from Steve Bowers
Symbolic glyph representing the Om

The OM contains virtually all of the technical, galactographic, social, and historical information available to the Sophic League as well as copies of the vast quantity of religious, spiritual, and philosophical works that League citizens produce every year. Duplicated innumerable times across the entire League and continuously updated via dedicated channels on the Known Net and Godweb, a link to the OM is one of the first pieces of Sophic technology deployed in any newly developed system.

The OM is at least two orders of magnitude larger than the Encyclopedia Galactica (due to its vast philosophical and spiritual components), and claims to duplicate its contents in their entirety. Although this is an occasional source of friction between the two publications (Ken Ferjik has made occasional claims of memetic slant and bias in past eras, New Taylor has countered that the lack of philosophical considerations prevents the Encyclopedia from providing truly complete information), the majority of contacts between the Encyclopedia Institute and the Compilation Masters of the OM are friendly and consist of sharing information back and forth or requests for confirmation or review.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 20 December 2006.