Dimming, The

Matrioshka Brain
Image from Steve Bowers
Wachowski Prime, the name given to the Matrioshka Brain constructed around the star Alderamin by Diamond Belt Non-Human Intellects

The Dimming is the name given to the earliest known recording of the creation of a Matrioshka Brain, probably the first indication of the emergence of the Wachowski civilisation. It was found and recognized in retrospect by Known Net archive diver Jeeorg Humanee, operating from Public Node Access at Ken Ferjik. The text reads as follows:
"It has recently [additional referents indicate ~4,500 to ~4,600 range - jh] come to the attention of the Society of Action that several Non-Human Intellect (NHI) [Now called 'diamondbelt' - jh] inner-core systems are rapidly dimming. Preliminary remote evidence is confused, but solar spectra appear to be both dimming and shifting. The Society has Acted, and is sending multiple remote sensor platforms on high fractional-C flybys. It is expected that several of these will be lost, extrapolating from historical sources, but it is hoped that enough data will be garnered that preliminary NHI threats may be assessed."
Approximately 1.5x109 seconds after the prior message, a second valid message appears in the stream:
"Occultation patterns obtained by NHI platforms 3a, 4a, and the 7 series indicate that there are now multiple large objects in near solar orbit around the target stars. Target star 3 [locator untranslatable - jh] readings indicate what appear to be multiple layers of objects in incompatible orbits, greatly reducing the brightness."
Another 1.5x108 seconds pass.
"NHI platform 4a, after surviving a kinetic dust strike and spoofing a heat-homing munition, reports that the two jovian-class planets appear to be greatly diminished in mass and are orbiting dramatically slower than previously recorded. They appear to be dipping deeper than the ephemeris-published data on this system would indicate. Additionally, regular polar jets of matter appear to be being extracted from target star 3.

It appears to be inescapable proof that the NHI at target star 3 has developed technology to wholly mine a system for matter. Threat rating for such a system is now increased to the Alpha class."
There is one final appropriate message, no datestamp recoverable, encoded in an utterly different algorithmic modality.
There is a considerable volume of data in the same algorithmic modality which does not appear to translate into conceptual packetization. Could this be a laughter-analogue? Forwarding transcript to Ken Ferjik Overseer for appropriate routing.

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Text by John B
Initially published on 19 April 2004.