Thespian (Gatteas Oudar, Gateo Kohor Dindiv)

A modosophont life in graphic form

The Life of Thespian
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Name(s):Gattias Oudar, Gateo Kohor, Thespian
Clade(s): Nearbaseline human, cyborg, bioborg, virtual upload
Places Inhabited: "I've lived on five megastructures and a planet in three star systems, but I liked my old apartment in the Hibbet orbital the most"
Occupation/ "jobs": "No. Not since I was two hundred and four. This is a post-scarcity society"
Age: (Born 7210 A.T)"I lived for about a century in my first body. Then I died for the first time. I'm told my backup was resurrected five years later in a different star system, and I don't remember anything for a while after a hundred and 293 now? Maybe?"
Current biological sex: "Neut"
Latest Interests: "Too many to name, I guess. I sculpted a few creatures in the past decade and I'm becoming more interested in the teachings of Tiantang...We'll see where that goes.. My online avatar likes playing space war games. I'm trying to convince her to stop. I've been gardening a lot with my daughter, Menno, since she moved back to the Yudkowsky habitat a few cycles ago"

Thespian, born Gatteas Oudar, later Gateo Kohor Dindiv (7210-7345 AT, 7352-7503 AT) a nearbaseline human citizen of the Terragen Sphere. Born a neut, e later became male, adopting the name Gateo Kohor. Later, under the name Thespian, e temporarily became female after spending some time in various intermediate or indeterminate sexes. Thespian was subsumed into the Second Singularity entity Tiantang in 7503.

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Initially published on 05 December 2013.