Thespian (Gatteas Oudar, Gateo Kohor Dindiv)

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The Life of Thespian
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(Local Article Profile: Thespian, (previously Gattias, Gateo)
Name(s): Thespian
Pronouns (current): "(neut) Je/ Jer/ Jers or They/Their"
Clade(s): Nearbaseline human, cyborg, bioborg, virtual upload
Places Inhabited: "I've lived on five megastructures and a planet in three star systems, but I liked my old apartment in the Hibbet orbital the most. Every so often I redecorate to make it look that way"
Occupation/ "job"/ role: "Parent of course, I was the mother. Other than Menno I don't speak to any family and I don't have any forked copies I know of. I once had a role that was paid with currency. I was two hundred and four, back when i tried living in one of those crazy themed market-based habitats and took on a role selling homes. Since I moved here to Yudkowsky I've been handling the gardening with the neighborhood here and specializing in designing some new xeriscaped ecosystems with vacuum adapted cacti that mirror some alife designs one of my partners made years ago. I've also been making some community theater on the side based on a Zoerific adventure popular in the inner system's ring"
Age: (Born 7210 A.T)"I'm using our local years here on the habitat- I lived for about a century in my first body, but i've left most of those memories in storage around another star for a reason. Then I died for the first time in an accident, which i'd rather not talk about. I'm told my backup was resurrected five years later in a different star system, and I don't remember anything for a while after hundred and 293 now?"

Latest Interests: "Too many to name, I guess. I designed a few alife organisisms in the past decade and I'm becoming more interested in the teachings of Tiantang...We'll see where that goes.. My online avatar likes playing space war strategy games so I play along with them sometimes. I'm trying to convince her to stop, though I don't want to change her just yet. Botanical-Integrated/ Alife collaborative Theater. I've been gardening a lot with my daughter, Menno, since she moved back to the Yudkowsky habitat a few cycles ago"

Thespian, born Gatteas Oudar, later Gateo Kohor Dindiv (7210-7345 AT, 7352-7503 AT) a nearbaseline human citizen of the Terragen Sphere who remained as a nearbaseline human for most of their lifetime. After an accident, they left and adopted the name Gateo Cohor. Later, under the name Thespian, they became female for several years in order to have a biological daughter, Menno Thespian Oudian, while living as a citizen of the Yudkowsky astroid habitat orbiting in the sacredtree system. After participating for many decades in the freefall and vacuum adapted botany/gardening communities, Thespian chose to join a group mind which agreed to be subsumed into the Second Singularity entity Tiantang in 7503.
Before becoming an avatar of Tiantang, they requested local privacy barriers on their life records from before moving to the Sacred Tree System. Official inquiries of complete records may be requested through the entity Tiantang.

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