Technologies For Worship
Sophic League megacorp that provides technology useful for to modosophont religions. The following is a typical Technologies For Worship advertisement:

We want to introduce you to Technologies for Worship Ministries. Technologies for Worship as a major Corporation of the Free Sophic Alliance. We produce the Inspiration Technology Conferences and we also produce Technology for Worship biochip MatrixNode (in autonomous modules for easy access, even when not connected to the local Matrix), and provide all necessary equipment for large planetary religions. Inspiration Technology Conferences for Ashrams, Churches, Sects, and Monasteries has trained thousands of autonomous religious organisations over the past eight centuries. We have over ten thousand professionals throughout the Civilized Galaxy who donate their time and expertise to teach missionary personnel how to help their churches and sects grow using audio, music, virch, internet, drama, lighting, matrix, memetic, memebot, and bionano, technologies.

Technologies for Worship VirchSite Matrix magazine is in its seventy-ninth decade and has recently expanded in size, and circulation. Over 20,000 churches subscribe to this matrix magazine in the Inner Sphere alone, which covers topics in all areas of church growth and technology.

Each of our fractal node sites has an interactive full immersive bulletin board for technical questions and hosts the Sophic Association for Technical Support (S.A.T.S.) Directory — a growing list of companies offering products and services to churches. We also provide a huge searchable archive of articles from past issues of our magazine.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 07 July 2000.