Superterrestrial 'eyeball' world with indigenous xenoecology

Image from Morgan Heacock
An Eygloe, a multicellular luminescent predator from the circular ocean of Yanqiu, hunting for zrill in the dark ocean depths below 10km
Star YTS-4450100-499-221B
Type KV5
Luminosity 0.3 x Sol
Constellation Cepheus
Distance from Sol 5411 ly
first reached by Explorer class vessel in 9801
Planet Yanqiu
Mass 7x Earth
Radius 1.9 x Earth
Type Polyphemian subtype 'Eyeball World', a tidally-locked frozen iceball with a circular liquid ocean around the substellar point.

Xenoecology Has a complex multicellular ecology within the single melted eye-ocean. In the lightless depths many species have light-emitting organs of various kinds. One of the most spectacular species are the Eygloes, fast arthropod-like predators.

Image from Steve Bowers
Most of Yanqiu is icebound; only a small circular ocean is liquid directly beneath the local star. This ocean holds almost all life on this world.
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 17 January 2012.

To download Yanqiu for Celestia, click this link and download it into Celestia's Extra's folder

then follow this CEL link Somewhere near Yanqui

You can download Celestia from here