Nanomedicine First Aid Kit (N-FAK)

In societies where medisystems are not available (or where they are but individuals choose not to use them) N-FAKs are a common feature in any household. There is great diversity in the design of N-FAKs though most share common features. Externally N-FAKs possess detachable multi-diagnostic arms capable of performing a wide variety of procedures from simple DNA sequencing to deep body imaging. Internally N-FAKs contain dozens of cartridges containing a wide variety of specialised medicytes (with one large cartridge containing totipotent medicytes capable of restocking the N-FAK, resources permitting).

When activated the arms wirelessly send their diagnosis to a medical expert system located in the N-FAK. This expert system quickly prescribes a treatment and extrudes an infuser/tube of cream/spray/inhaler/pill (whatever is most appropriate) containing a cocktail of medicytes taken from the many cartridges. For simple treatments such as infections the cocktail is likely to hold antimicrobial/antiviral/antirobotical medicytes whereas emergency infusions would possess mostly vital-organ preservative as well as regenerative medicytes.

N-FAKs can, when required or ordered, extend six telescopic legs and autonomously locate and treat wounded people. Care must be taken to ensure that home N-FAKs are installed with the latest biophysical profiles of all current Terragen clades and phyles it is likely to encounter. Many embarrassing accidents have occurred when a home N-FAK has jumped to the rescue of a heavily tweaked guest.

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Text by Ryan B
Initially published on 16 October 2011.