Wormhole Gazetteer

Wormholes listed in the Encyclopedia Galactica (current list)

Wormhole Gazetteer
Image from Selden Ball
A map of the wormholes detailed in this gazetteer; note that the total number of wormholes is around 10 million, so this represents only a small fraction of the whole

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Table 1 Wormholes listed by name

Name From To Gauge (metres) notes
Added Value New Root Gatewai

Akiyoshidai Djed Tau Ceti

The Better Way to Travel Anomie Pandya
Between You and Me Frog's Head Chi Eridani

Bright Door Ain Soph Aur Barboro

Calypso Jarre Orchid
To Perseus Arm
Corridor 3490 Traction Moedus

Corridor 3919 The Orange Polity NoGo Solarus

Corridor 3920 Traction The Orange Polity

Corridor 3921 The Orange Polity Golden Globe

Corridor 59342 Traction Swartzchield

Deep Gate Hightower Dam Tellion

Deep Wisdom Ain Soph Aur Everypath

Discovery Channel Bolobo Audubon

Don't Ask Me I Only Work Here Sadalmelik Eden II

Dream of Translation April Frog's Head

Eightfold Path Djed Relay 001

Einstein Gate Sol Tau Ceti 5000
Enlightened Self-Interest Kiyoshi Branswerg

Escape Valve Pen-Y-Ghent To'u'l

Eschaton Ain Soph Aur Branswerg

Gate Leonis Halcyon Tesseract 800
Gilgamesh Twilight Epsilon Eridani

Glory Hole Pen-Y-Ghent Kepleria

Go With The Flow Ecotopia Relay 002

Good Life Cableville MXRDR55 8
Here We Go Again Danzig Xil

Hop, Skip, Jump Kiyoshi Medius 5500
Hourglass New Root Blueshift Archipelago

Instant or What? Diwali Xil

Island Gate Pacifica Beta Arae Hub

Jade Gate Penglai Tau Ceti

Kepler Arc Djed Kepleria

Kurabana Gate Kurabana Big Tor

Like Clockwork Kiyoshi Monostheria 1500 To Metasoft
Little Ray of Sunshine #53 Zeta1 Reticulae Osmond
To Solar Dominion
Magnetic Fields Jarre Raiark
Closed, leads to Amalgamation
Menkou Lam Wai-Chun Penglai
Migrations Way Ecotopia Haekels Dyson

Modular Way Tabridgen QipeFika 5000 To Emple-Dokcetic
Mutual Benefit Zeta1 Reticulae Tau Ceti

New Adventures Cableville RelayThorn12 5000

New Worlds for Old Tabridgen Long Reach 5000 To Orion Federation
Noah's Arc Deucalion Trees

Olive Branch Ecotopia Sacredtree

Open Door New Root Church-Turing

Other Side of the Hill Tabridgen Bryan 500
Outward Bound Frog's Head HD 12042 500
Path New Root VAI-4

Pax Infinitus Ain Soph Aur Fredholm

Portal Minoris Halcyon RN-36-24-b 600
Pumba Sadalmelic Sadalsuud

Revolutions Jarre Relay 005
To Inner Sphere
River of Life Ecotopia Oceans Unlimited Dyson

Safe Passage New Root KapekNow

Sanguine Eutopia Beta Arae Hub

Shortcut Kiyoshi Kiyoshi 300 Short-range gate between Kiyoshi A/B & D/E
Sophont's Purchase MegaSov Uvanth IV
To Sagittarius Transcultural Cooperation
Sothis Bridge Sol Sirius

Street of Dreams Kiyoshi Long Haul 1800 To Mutual Progress Association
That's The Way It Is Audubon Zarathustra

The First Step New Root Aries Vector

The Mainline Djed Medius

Ménkǒu Lam Wai-Chun Penglai
The Other Gate Gyanti Xyntii 2500 To Sophic League
The Parents of Invention Diwali New Earth
To Terran Federation
The Pipeline Ecotopia Zoei Megacity

The Trains Always Run on Time Kiyoshi Greylag 2850 To Negentropic Alliance
The Way of Trees Gyanti Radwan 2500 To Pan-Sophontist League
The Zoidberg Scuttle Danzig Pollux

Transfinity Ain Soph Aur Aleph Absolute

Try Anything Once MegaSov Krantor
To Non Coersive Zone
Two Way Street New Root Monostheria

Urban Legends Metropolis Ring City Kepleria 5500 To Non Coersive Zone
Vimana Pandya Xil
Wavering Light New Root Positive Heading

Well of Infinity Anomie Lam Wai-Chun
Wish Upon a Star MegaSov NewGrath
To Negentropic Alliance
Yellow Brick Road II Gyanti NuiDainty 2500 To Zoeific Biopolity
Unnamed Epsilon Eridani UV Ceti

Unnamed Alauda Merrion

Unnamed Alauda Vast Endeavour

Unnamed Alauda Frei

Unnamed Himmelsschmiede Kepleria

Unnamed Himmelsschmiede New Magnitogorsk

Unnamed Corona Merrion

Unnamed Corona Fons Luminis

Unnamed Corona Tau Ceti

Unnamed Baenf St Xye

Unnamed Mu Capricornis Psi Capricorni

Unnamed Mu Capricornis Delta Capricorni

Unnamed Alpha Star Delta Star

Unnamed Blue Alpha Star

Unnamed Blue Traction

Unnamed Blue Manifold

Table 2 Wormholes listed by system

Sol/Earth Tau Ceti/Nova Terra Penglai Zeta I Reticuli/Atlantis Relay 001
Sirius Corona Anomie Osmond Tesseract
Tau Ceti/Nova Terra Djed
Tau Ceti/Nova Terra


Zeta I Reticuli/Atlantis


Corona Djed Medius Merrion Frei
Fons Luminis Kepleria Oikoumene Dyson Frei Alauda
Merrion Medius Arkab Prior Pardes
Relay 001 Brannon

Sadalmelik Juzan-74510

Fons Luminis Kepleria Chi Draconis Eden II Ain Soph Aur
Abydos Himmelsschmiede Anomie Yzak Aleph Absolute
Corona Ribblehead




many others



Arkab Prior Brannon Diwali Sadalmelic Pardes
Medius Yzak New Earth Eden II Nova Schiaparelli


Alauda Danzig Sy 12w078a Audubon
Vast Endeavour Pollux Orwell Cybus Bolobo

Nova Schiaparelli

Cybus Orwell Deucalion Gyanti Anomie
Kentaurus Gate Trees Beta Arae Hub Chi Draconis
NuiDainty Mu Cassiopiae



Relay 001 Relay 002 Relay 005 Kuranaba Nova Schiaparelli
Tesseract Ecotopia Dyson Jarre Big Tor Sy
Djed many others many others

many others

Ecotopia Dyson Jarre Hightower Megasov Dyson Metropolis Ring City
Haekel Dyson Orchid System Dam Tellion Krantor Kepleria
Oceans Unlimited Dyson Raiark

Uvanth IV
Zoei Megacity

New Root Seat of Judgement Skiiws'nnii Tananana Pacifica
Aries Vector Daffy Gatenode Cocac Beta Arae Region
Blueshift Archipelago Gegton Gilboa Reach
Church-Turing Greylag
Gatewai Ken Ferjik



Positive Heading


Oikoumene Dyson Himmelsschmiede Yzak Tesseract Halcyon
Gate2 Other area 12w078a Halcyon RN-36-24-bs

Ao Lai Kiyoshi Blue Traction Orange Polity
Daedalus Branswerg Traction Orange Polity Traction
Nova Terra Greylag Manifold Blue NoGo Solarius
Twilight Monostheria Alpha Star Swartzcheild Golden Globe
Solsys Long Haul
Relay 001 Medius

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Addon for Celestia by Selden Ball Available here