Perfect Culture Empire, The

A blight/perversion afflicting the Disarchy.

Perfect Culture
Image from Bernd Helfert

The Perfect Culture Empire on the outer edge of Disarchy territory appears to be an odd attempt to emulate, or recreate, the Sephirotic Empires by an SI:3 transapient that refers to itself as The Creator And Destroyer. Its expansion has been fitful, limited by use of relativistic ships and the chaotic habits of "The Creator", and tactics vary widely. Often it has been observed to invade a system, subsume the lower transapients and destroy the local culture to form a specially engineered involuntary autotopia and impose an artificial language.

Sometimes it will invade, genengineer the local bionts to act as a bioprocessing node and then return them to their native culture, or unload a variety of perfect art erotogens (which often severely damages the local culture), or destroy transapientech parts of the infrastructure and leave the system to collapse. Over 70% of systems harassed in this way will later be attacked by conversion bombs to eradicate all life on planets and habitats, with "The Creator" claiming the culture was imperfect. Most warships used by the empire will be small distorted mimics of the most powerful Sephirotic warships equipped with conversion drives.

The Perfect Culture Empire is between the furthest reaches of the Laughter Hegemony and the Sagittarius Preservers' empire. It has yet to interact directly with either of these, but it's actions appear to be making both polities nervous and most commentators suppose it to be only a matter of time before it becomes too much of a problem and is eliminated by either or both of them.

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Text by Liam Jones
Initially published on 16 February 2011.