Ova Fusion
Ova Fusion
Image from Steve Bowers

A form of parthenogenetic reproduction first perfected in 70 A.T. This method successfully fuses the genetic material from the gametes of two unrelated human females into a viable zygote, a process that the Parthenes later adopted to supplement their genetic diversity. The genes from two viable ova may be mechanically fused using medical nano, or an otherwise sterile polar body from a donor may be activated (replicating natural parthenogenesis).

Rosetta Woodbury-Hamilton was the first child produced from this technique. Born via artificial womb, she was the genetic daughter of Stella Woodbury and Faye Hamilton, two of the geneticists who developed the technique.

This development precipitated an upsurge of individuals experimenting with alternate societal lifestyles. This was especially popular with the younger generation during the Interplanetary Age.
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Initially published on 20 November 2010.